Monday, 19 March 2007

Crocodile Aplin

We can now exclusively reveal that Rob Aplin has been participating in the Australian reality program I'm A Camper Get Me Out Of Here (IACGMOOH).

To pay for this trip he has apparently he been collecting together all his air miles acquired of a Saturday afternoon.

We understand that he did a ' Bushtucker Trial' eating crocodile and kangaroo but said his biggest challenge was being stuck for hours driving a car across Australia the morning after his mate Lawrence had eaten a strong curry and having to use the ' dunny ' after him.

Said Rob " My bushtucker trial was nothing really, remember I have food after a 3rd team game at the rugby club "

His next ' Bushtucker Challenge' will be to have more that 5 pints after a game on a Saturday and not turn into a jibbering romantic wreck.

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