Friday, 29 February 2008

Court bans crotch-grabbing

The Italian supreme court has outlawed men from touching their genitals in public. Crotch-grabbing is an ancient superstitious habit in Italy that is believed to ward off the evil eye.

It's traditional for men to do it if passed by a hearse or when discussing serious illness or disasters.

However, the supreme court ruled that a 42-year-old man from Como had broken the law by "ostentatiously touching his genitals through his clothing".
His lawyers said he had a "compulsive, involuntary movement" because of uncomfortable overalls.

But the court ruled his behaviour was an "act contrary to public decency" and said the law "required everyone to abstain from conduct that is potentially offensive to collectively held feelings of decorum".

The man was fined £1520 and ordered to pay £760 in costs, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Judges pointed out that if men needed to grab their crotches, they should wait until they were in the privacy of their own home.

It is now understood that a local group of school teachers have cancelled their sky trip to Italy after hearing this news, and will be going to Poland instead.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

104-year-old sprinter

Bloody hell ! He is faster that most of the 3rd team

A 104-year-old South African man has set a new world record for the 100 metre race.
Phillip Rabinowitz, from Cape Town, is now officially the world's fastest centenarian sprinter, reports the Daily Mirror.

He finished the 100 metres in 30.86 seconds, knocking more than five seconds off the previous best.

It's not quite the 9.74 seconds set by Asafa Powell in 2007 but Phil is 80 years older than the world record holder.

Phillip said: "I've always run and walked everywhere because when I was a kid there weren't any cars."

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Hulk, Bulk or Giant ?

Yes you had better believe it!

Stuart Norman in fancy dress as the Incredible Hulk but does this character suit him. We would like to conduct a survey and ask the question:

Stuart Norman looks like the:

1...Incredible Hulk

2...Incredible Bulk

3...Jolly Green Giant

Answers to

Moments of Love

Wivey Studios production 'Moments of Love' is a 2007 romance film hailed as one of the best love stories ever made. The film's exceptional visuals and storytelling helped the movie to earn praises from movie critics. It is also been praised for its stunning musical scoring, with popular entertainers Bruce Keay and Martin Broome acting in the movie as well as singing the movie's themesong.

It is a classic romantic tale between two people and the story revolves around a strange attraction that begins when they first speak with each other. Together they fill the emptiness they have always known all their lives.

In a sleepy town, time curves for two people to meet and part. In the end, all that is left are their Moments of Love.

Rocky's top six signs that you are too drunk

Here are Rocky's top ten signs that you are too drunk

1. You spent more time on the floor than you do standing up.
2. You can focus better with one eye closed.
3. You have to hold onto the lawn to keep from falling off the Earth.
4. You don't recognize your partner unless seen through bottom of glass.
5. The whole bar including Andy Ware greets you when you come in.
6. Mike Philips looks good.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Murder Most Foul ??

Here we see a family gathering at Tony Lockyer's 50th birthday party with everyone in fancy dress. Food and karaoke was provided at Wivey Rugby Club for all present to eat and sing. Can you guess the fancy dress - Marilyn Monroe ? Gangster? Scotsman?

Well if you had heard them on karaoke Saturday evening you would have thought Marilyn Manson, Helvis Pressley, Dr Crippen and Ted Bundy was more appropriate the way several songs were murdered.

Martina Aplins Top 5 Signs That You May Be a Bad Driver

I looks like Martina Aplin is now using the public transport after her recent car accident.

Here are Martina's Top 5 tips that you may be a bad driver

1. Every time your cell phone rings while you're putting on makeup, you spill your wine, drop your DS and drive up the rear of the car in front of you.

2. The other day, you ran right into the garage door -- and it was *up* at the time.

3. The Police have memorized your date of birth, licence number, home address, and car registration plate number.

4. You see more middle fingers than a manicurist.

5. You have a reserved parking space with your name on it outside the Magistrates Court.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Soldier returns from leave a woman

An army officer called went on holiday leave - and came back as a woman called Jasmin.

Aparantly this is quite common for people taking leave or leaving HM Forces and can be blamed on stress of the war in places like Iraq and Afganistan

The 26-year-old captain took three months leave after complaining of stress, and had a sex change operation before returning to barracks.

Other officers and soldiers were reportedly shocked when Jasmin, whose full name has not been revealed by the army, came back.

But senior army staff have decided Jasmin can keep her old job and will not be demoted.

Defence Ministry officials have also accepted the decision by Jasmin, to have a sex change.

A press spokesperson for the MOD, said: "We accept this very personal decision."

A soldier at the barracks told the media: "Everybody has a weird feeling about it: a colleague leaving the building as a man and returning as a woman after his holiday is more than a bit strange. We will have to wait and see if this leads to problems."

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Boy Gets Stuck In Mum's Handcuffs

An boy from Lion D'anger had to be freed by firefighters after getting stuck in a pair of handcuffs he found in his mum's bedroom.

Firefighters took the schoolboy to Wivey Fire Station to be freed with industrial metal cutters.The cuffs were described as made of "hardened steel" and not meant as a toy, reports The Wivey News.

Firefighter Daryl Smith said: "The little boy came to the fire station with his grandmother and had the cuffs hanging from one wrist.

"Before we released him I asked if he was on the run from the police but he assured me he wasn't. And then his grandmother said he'd found the cuffs in his mother's bedroom.

"She immediately realised what she'd said and put her hand over her mouth. It's beyond my wildest imagination why someone would keep handcuffs in their bedroom!"

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Friday, 1 February 2008


Apparently last week in the Bear, Martin Broome said to his son Eggy: 'You know that jigsaw puzzle I was doing son? You will never guess - I've finished it and only took me 6 months! '

Eggy replied ' Well dad what's so good about 6 months ??? '

Martin Broome responded: 'on the box it said 3 to 6 years'