Monday, 18 December 2006

Wivey Fire Fighters Video

Wivey Fire engine recently attended a chimney fire at the Bear Inn . Upon arrival they were escorted by the bar staff to the biggest supply of water which was the beer in the cellar.

Hours later they emerged from the cellar and by that time the fire was already out and fortunately Andy Ware remained undisturbed

Breaking News!

There is a report that a 2 seater private plane has crashed into a cemetery near Wivey. The Wiveliscombe Fire engine is in attendance and firefighters have reported recovering over 300 bodies and are still digging

Monday, 11 December 2006

Ball Skills

Here we see Ross Porter showing the importance of ball skills as Charlotte Phillips jumps in the lineout to catch the ball.

When the number of times the ball is handled during a match is considered it would seem to be impossible to over-emphasize the importance of ball handling skills. Strangely, however, these skills are virtually ignored by most of Wivey 3rd team. This doesn't mean that they don't regularly use handling drills in their training sessions, of course. The problem is that the drills they use don't work. Handling doesn't just simply improve.

Good rugby players develop a mystical relationship with their balls. They all know what it will do. This is neither second-sight nor luck -- it is total familiarity! This approach also requires that you have sufficient balls to make sure everyone can participate

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Test Driver

Pint sized Martini Aplin recently turned down the opportunity to become a test driver for Scalextric to become a trainee hairdresser.A spokesperson for Scalextric commented " We are very disappointed our models are getting more and more realistic and she would have been ideal for this position and as far as I know you can not be charged for being drunk in charge of a model car.

We are though still considering bringing out a stunt version of Scalextric which will be based on avoiding the extreme parking of female drivers in Wiveliscombe "