Saturday, 23 May 2009

Mike Phillips Playing Golf

We understand that Mike is almost as good as golf as he is at rugby. Here the proof?

Obstruction in Silver Street

After a recent obstruction occurred in the road in Silver Street Martin Broome has suggested that the Government should supply jetpacks for the elderly.

This happened after a man from the bottom of Golden Hill on his mobility scooter had to avoid objects on the road and pavement in Silver Street .

This way they don't block the pavements and roads with those slow little machines that they have. This will reduce congestion so will be good for the environment. The elderly may have more fun in their life, more fun than bingo, and as there are no cars in the sky it will be much safer.

He said 'Soon everyone will want jetpacks and the world will be a better place.'

Friday, 22 May 2009

Breaking News

More news from our 'Wivey Today' section in tomorrows edition when we interview the Wivey Colts player who recently solved one side of the Rubick's Cube.