Sunday, 18 March 2007

Hand over wife to pay debt

A Romanian man has handed over his wife to a creditor as payment for his debts.

Emil Iancu, gave his wife Daniela to 72-year-old Jozef Justien Lostrie when he turned up on his doorstep to collect a £1,800 debt.

Iancu said: "I had no money to pay the debt and when I told Lostrie he said he would take my wife instead.I was scared of what he would do and so I signed a document saying Daniela would live with him."

But Daniela says the deal has proved better for her."Before I had to clean the house and look after our three children on my own, while Emil did nothing, but now I'm treated like a guest and hardly have to raise a finger," she said.

"I hear than many husbands in Wiveliscombe, England have tried to give away their wives to pay off debts but have instead had their debt cancelled and been piad money if they promise to keep them!"

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