Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Crazy laws around the world

According to an ancient law, it’s OK to shoot a Welsh person with a bow and arrow – as long as you’re inside the city walls and it’s after 12pm. But where? Chester.

So if you’re Welsh - or even if you look it - watch your back late at night in Chester.

Comment:- Think this law should be extended to the rest of the country

Most places would arrest you for being drunk in possession of a car – but in Scotland extends this to being drunk in possession of a cow?

So don’t take your cow to the pub north of the border – however tempted you may be

Comment:- Never take the wife on a distilery holiday tour of Scotland

We’ve all heard of the fashion police – but in Australia is it actually illegal to wear bright pink trousers

In the Australian state of Victoria, don’t even think about donning a pair of “hot pink pants” outside - especially after midday on a Sunday.

Comment:- Jimmy avoid Australia for your next holiday

If your house is on fire but you’re peckish while you wait for the fire brigade, don’t have a snack in the US city of Chicago or you could be up for arrest. But which one?

It’s forbidden to eat in a place that’s on fire in the Windy City – so watch out next time you ask for a flame-grilled burger.

Antwerp has banned people from wearing a red hat and walking down the main street? (We can only guess it’s an attempt to improve its sartorial standing.)

So expect to see only blue, black, white, green, yellow or purple headwear on the streets of Antwerp (what about Santa?).

Comment:- Could Santa get down the Chimney?

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