Thursday, 6 December 2007

More Missing Disks

Following the news that two discs are missing in Britain's Postal System, it has emerged that Wivey 3rds website have also lost two of its discs in the post.

The lost Wivey 3rds database CDs contained the personal information including the IQ's and driving records of many players, ex players and their families. Other damaging information on the lost discs includes details of Mark Bowden's Beano subscription, Daryl Smiths bra size, Dave Huxtable's favourite sheep called Jesus (recently renamed), Jock Morley's rare collection of Scottish rugby victories in the past decade, and many big thumb prints

Mr I Biggun, from the site said: 'It was a big mistake really. We send the discs by post, through Postman Pat, and they went missing. We should have dispatched the package by pigeon post instead its much more reliable.

Benji Stevens said: 'This is just dreadful news. I have been telling people on Wivey3rds complete lies, and now they will know the truth about me. Everybody thinks I have become the plonker I was in school, but I am not, I have a good job, do origami, and lead my own chapter of Star Trek Fans on the Internet.

Mr M. Phillips is afraid people will find out about his forty years worth of Stamp Albums, but others are more concerned that they will be exposed as having a lower IQ than him.

The second disc 'Wivey Ladies Sing Karaoke ' is a lethal killer. If found do not attempt to open it ! Call Scotland Yard's Anti Terrorist Unit immediately.

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