Sunday, 13 April 2008

Last of The Summer Whine

Wivey TV are to reamake an episode of the whimsical comedy with a penchant for light philosophy and full-on slapstick, that first run following the misadventures of three elderly friends and their mates tramping around the countryside.

The cast include Pete 'Foggy' Thompson; flat cap-wearing voice-of-reason Ben 'Cleggy' Parnell, a scruffy hormone-riddled layabout Martin 'Compo' Broome, Bruce 'Smiler' Keay and Mike 'Eli' Phillips.

In a world where men are just over-grown kids, the authority figures come in the shape of some of Wivey's most formidable women. There will be casting for the physically intimidating tea shop owner Ivy, and Nora Batty, with her wrinkled stockings and hair curlers, she's both a bogeyman figure curtailing the trio's fun and became an unlikely lust object for Compo.

'Compo Simonite'

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