Saturday, 5 April 2008

Plan a bank raid - students told

Students are being asked to plan a bank robbery for an assignment. They have to work out how to rob a bank with a team of six within seven minutes, reports Information Times.

They have to come up with a robbery action plan for a team comprising a leader, a lock breaker, a driver, two robbers and a gunman.

The school teacher who came up with the assignment after watching the twat rob Wivey 3rds weekly, says it's aimed at teaching students how to allocate resources economically and efficiently.

"Students majoring in the arts usually do not have the training in thinking deliberately that students majoring in science do. So this also trains their thinking ability," he said.
The assignment involves teams of five or six students, with each team having to make its own presentation.

One student said: "We've never taken an assignment as seriously as this one. On our team, each person came up with a plan, and we picked the best one. We even timed ourselves on the college grounds."

The teacher who came up with the idea doesn't think the assignment will encourage students to rob a bank for real: "They're adults, and know what's right and wrong," he added.

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