Tuesday, 27 May 2008

BID - Balamory is Disturbing

CBeebies programme Balamory has been switched to Channel 4 and will now be aired at 10.00pm after complaints from concerned parents that it was disturbing.

The fictional fishing village has what can only be described as having alternative characters.

Spokesperson for BID (Balamory is Disturbing) James Beale said 'I was shocked when I came home from work to see my children watching this programme as to be blunt; it scared the shit out of me. If that's not the Wicker Man then I don't know what is?'

Beale continued, 'From what I saw, you have a chap who resides in a pink castle and makes inventions out of everyday objects, a policeman who does pirouettes and sings and a school teacher who is just plain weird. It's all well and good having a copper singing and dancing but I bet crime is through the bloody roof, it's the stuff of nightmares.

'I myself grew up watching the likes of Mr Benn, Sesame Street and Finger bobs. What next will they show? The Chainsaw Children and the Hillbilly Bastard clan? It's all wrong I tell you.'

Ivor Comment: Sounds a bit like Wivey to me !

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