Friday, 25 July 2008

Inflatable sparks Clatworthy rescue

A major air search at Clatworthy Reservoir was called off - when two inflatable sheep were found. An RAF rescue helicopter and the Wivey Fire Engine were called out after a member of the public reported someone struggling in the water.

Fortunately after closer inspection emergency services only found two 3ft inflatable sheep, reports the Wivey Mirror. However, Wiveliscombe Fire Fighter Daryl Smith thought he recognized the object in the water as a balloon that he had purchased at Wivey Rugby Club Fete.

Daryl commented " I paid good money for that balloon and was going to let it go to waste and return the ticket if I could. At least the two inflatable sheep are doing well and recovering at Wivey Fire Station."

As we go to press though reports suggest the two inflatable sheep concerned have gone missing from Wivey Fire Station...........................

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