Saturday, 8 August 2009

More Donkey's

Bruce has a very inquisitive nature and is always looking for things to play with. Recently he found an empty bucket and pushed it all around the yard with his nose, taking great delight in the noise he was making!

Jimmy is proving to be a very popular donkey and is beginning to enjoy all the attention he gets from visitors, who often admire his lovely, velvety grey coat! He has even started coming to the fence to meet the children. He continues to be as popular as ever in the riding arena, and giving rides to the children with special needs is something he is now very proud of!

Whilst practising long-reigning in anearby Park, we noticed that Pete was fascinated by the white lines marking out the rugby pitch. He was so intrigued, that he began to walk along the lines, refusing to go any other direction.

Mike enjoys the attention they get from the residents. They especially like the gardens of the homes as they can nibble the grass on the way out!

Mike always seems to enjoy himself - and we have discovered why. Recently he was seen staring intently at a large plasma screen television in the lounge of one of the residential homes. He would obviously be a television addict if given the opportunity!

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