Thursday, 10 December 2009

''Dick Turpin,Ghouldilocks and the three bear drinkers'

WAMDRAM Wivey's new amateur drama group are about to stage its first production, the pantomime 'Dick Turpin',but after recent photographs appeared in the press someone suggested it should be called 'Dick Turpin,Ghouldilocks and the three bear drinkers'

Synopsis of our version of 'Dick Turpin'

In the scariest tale of the infamous Dick 'Andy Harvey' Turpin, highwayman, is brought to raucous life in this hilarious pantomime.

Many a new twist is brought to the much-loved Panto conventions; Dame Ghouldilocks (Paul Hopkins), the villain (Delwyn Evans) complete with dim-witted henchmen, (Richard Piercey), the beautiful girl (??????)and her beau are all here, as ever, but in a new and exciting setting with its fair share of surprises! The choice of songs will cater to all tastes, both young and old and especially the deaf.

When lovable rogue Dick Turpin realises that someone is out to tarnish his reputation by claiming he is using too much water, he himself goes undercover. He takes a job on Dame Ghouldilocks farm so he can track down the villain.

But on the farm he discovers a love triangle between farm-hands Dolly the pantomine Cow , Pork Scratchings the old sow and Smokey Bacon the confused sheep.

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