Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Dame Edna Broome

Here we see Martin Broome's impersonation, providing you with an incredible lookalike / soundalike tribute to Dame Edna for any occasion. He is available for private events and parties; corporate entertainment, marketing campaigns and product launches; as well as film, television, radio, and commercials. Many people suggest though that he should be incarcerated in a maximum-security twilight home for the insane with that hairdo.

Dame Steptoe is revered for his insights into Wivey rugby. When asked why Wivey 3rds have had a good season he commented "Good food and diet; open air life; alcohol; women and the total absence of any kind of intellectual distraction. Look at Mike Phillips for a start !"

Sir Lesley Colin Patterson is a Dame Steptoe Broomes alter ego. Lecherous and offensive, this farting, belching, nose-picking figure of excess is an Wiveliscombe Falstaff.

Affectionately known as "Worzel" 0r "Steptoe", he has served Wivey 3rds in many roles from hooker to flanker.His humour abounds in such a wide range of stereotypes. Let face it with hair like that you must have a sense of humour.

Wiveliscombe's Minister for Sport with special responsibility to keep sports rampantly heterosexual and "blokey" have commented " Dame Broome abstract girly hairstyle has caused us a few problems, but he still has hair unlike many other wivey 3rds team players."

Dame Broome is ably assisted by his Eggy Broome shown below.

I hear Eggy boasts of his prowess with women and his trips to Wellington's "rub and tug shops".

He jokes that "the best place to hide something from his a father is under a bar of soap". He also represents Wivey Colts, but I hasten to add not in court they get legal aid for that.

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