Friday, 1 June 2007

Message from Juan Kerr

Buenos Dias Senor Bigun, Como estas?

My name ees Juan, Juan Kerr. I haf a llama farm. In my rugby team I am known a "Big Juan Kerr". I haf son. My son is known as "Little Juan Kerr". We leeve in a small village, known as Don Burros, in the mountains of Los Malvinas, the small islands near to thee beloved mother country of ARGENTINA! VIVA ARGENTINA!! VIVA LOS PUMAS !!!

I an known as big Juan, the rugby fan. I haf woman who ees known as "Little Rosita" (You may know her Indian cousin Minge) .

I like dog sheet on the rugby field! You do not know I am there until it ees too late, and thee damage ees done.

My son, little Juan ees surfing thee web. He find thee site of thee Wiveliscombe turds. I am so happy to find an Engleesh team who love thee rugby and also our four legged friends ! My team ees known as Los Llamashaggers of the Malvinas!

Tell me senor Bigun Un what ees a "big twat" and why is Senor Phileeps a "complete twat". When Senor Phileeps come to the Malvinas he go surfing waves and I see he haf big one to! Surfboard that ees. I haf thee photo of him to prove it.

He haf thee peenis of a penguin under thee wet suit, no?

I go now, leetle Jaun Keer he still surf on thee net. He mostly go on thee bad website from the country of Cymru near you. It ees full of thee pictures of Welesh men with thee sheep. Leetle Juan Kerr speek on thee net to Phil McCreviss from the Scot of land and he say thee women of the Welesh men must haf facees like thee beehind of the llama.

Adios, my engleesh amigo! Asta la vista!!

Big Juan

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