Thursday, 7 June 2007

Bob the Bodger! "Can he f*** it?"

Wiveliscome TV have remade an episode of the classic kids series aimed at young children that originally followed the adventures of an odd-job man.Welcome to the world of Wivey's Bob the Bodger! With their chorus of "Can he f*** it?" "Yes, he can!" Bob and his loveable gang, drink together, laugh together, play together, quarrel and make up and just do their best to muddle through. Just like kids everywhere.

Their world is imaginative and filled with fun and adventure - a unique world of instruction mayhem and chaos, that comes complete with modern gadgets like mobile phones, remote controls and beer pumps!

In this episode we see the mischievous scarecrow "Spud" Piercey, who loiters around always up to no good, undermining the gang's hard work watching from his window when he ought to be helping.

The rest of the gang, Andy "Roley" Harvey, Del "Lofty" Evans, Heather "Dizzy" Harvey and Pete "Travis Tractor" Kirk remain at the refuelling depot looking after "bird"Tawny Owl in the cellar.

But between them, despite the mix ups, muddles and mayhem, buildings get built, constructions get constructed, and things get well and truly f****d...

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