Saturday, 7 July 2007

Man Arrested Picking Nose Whilst Driving

A man was arrested yesterday evening for picking his nose whilst driving. Michael Phillips, 45, was driving along a quiet residential street in his hometown of Wiveliscombe, in his Audi TT. Sensing his nose was feeling a 'little full' he decided to excavate said nose with his little finger and squeeze a couple of spots.

"That was when I saw the blue lights suddenly flare up in my rear-view mirror," said Mr Phillips. "I stopped the car and asked them if there was a problem. They pulled me out of the car, threw me against the bonnet and charged me for dangerous driving."
A police spokesperson said, "It is imperative the public learn the importance of paying attention to the road whilst driving. Mr Phillips should have pulled over and picked his nose whilst he was able to devote his full attention to it. He could have caused an accident had he lost his concentration for a split second."

Mr Phillips was due up in court to face charges next month but has now paid an on the spot fine.

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