Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Captain Pegwash and her pirates held a council of war

Captain Pegwash was a pirate of the high seas who commanded the Black Cat. She was the hero of many tales of bravery and daring. As she would tell you herself, her ruthless cunning made her a daunting enemy, and the name of the Black Cat (or pussy) was enough to strike fear into the heart of any sea-faring captain.

"Plundering Porpoises! Jumping jellyfish! Harrowing hurricanes!" blustered pirate Captain Pegwash to the work-shy crew of her ship, the Black Pussy as they sailed the Seven Seas and encountered adventures. The busty Captain. always bold before the event, with a tendency to get into scrapes (and make a speedy exit forthwith).

The Good Captain, and her crew (above) Big Willy Warmer, Master Bates, Hugh Harse, were simple pirates and no match for their various shiver-me-timbers foes but fortunately they were regularly rescued from the clutches of black-bearded arch villain Cut-Throat Rawlings (of the 'Flying Dustman') by the cunning and courage of the Black Pussy's, Roger the Cabin Boy'

Here in her latest adventure we see Captain Pegwash with Seaman Staines after her latest encounter with Cut-throat Rawlings who was camped in the old Persian fort with the greatest chest in Wivey ladies history.

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