Sunday, 2 September 2007

Students Filmed By Teachers

Wiveliscombe internet watchers today have condemned the posting of videos of school pupils in humiliating situations by teachers.Some of the postings on well known video sites have shown pupils in humiliating circumstances. In one, a pupil was shown attending school,awake and handing in his homework assignment on time.

The pupil concerned has been ridiculed so much that he was last seen outside the local off license.

An unnamed pupil commented "These videos should be banned and the Teachers concerned brought to justice"

One teacher from Wivey told us that he regularly films school children handing in completed assignments many of them receiving good marks, some as high as D grade.

"It's about time teachers got their own back. We are bored and there is nothing to do around here" He continued

The teachers seem to split into two main gangs and hang around staffrooms, pubs and libraries and drinking homemade wine.

Police are said to be not bothered and people with information are asked not to let them know as they are far to busy and only visit Wivey every other week.

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