Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Aplins Practical Services Win MOD Contract

In response to senior military figures calling for an urgent cash injection for Britain's Armed Forces Aplins Practical Services has won the MOD contact to refit military vehicles (See above) .

Speaking ahead of the launch, Chief of security in Kingsmead Close, Omar Rawlings said the lack of sufficient resources for the military had become

"A most pressing issue and this type of vehicle should redress the balance. Underfunding of our Armed Forces is already having consequences, both for our overall defence capability and for our forces at the sharp end, which are too thinly spread and being required to go to war with equipment which is often outdated and not fit for purpose."

Local businessman and former resident of Kingsmead Close, Alexander Keay responded " I know the Government has reduced the defence budget to fourpence ha'penny a week, but it's hard to believe that anyone was taken in by this. I used to have a car like that, but I don't remember the rocket in the list of options."

These vehicles will be put through a vigorous test by Martina and Macyla Aplin before be handed over to the MOD.

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