Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Rocky To Return

No - Rocky the Rhino from Disney's "Jungle Book"

Disney’s The Jungle Book is ready to boogie onto DVD, and the studio has released some concept, design and photo art from the Platinum Edition, available from October 2. The images include storyboard art of the “lost character” Rocky-the-Rhino, who is featured in his own DVD bonus feature, plus further details of the release.

Storyboard concepts of the “lost character” Rocky the Rhino were recently discovered at Disney’s Animation Research Library. A key character in The Jungle Book, developed by Walt Disney himself, he never made it to the silver screen. Several possible explanations have been offered by Disney animators over the years, but it is unclear why Rocky never made it into the final film.

Originally intended to be included within Mowgli’s meeting of the four friendly vultures, Walt described Rocky as a “loveable rhinoceros who is half blind and extremely dumb.” Rocky’s personality was brought to life through the casting of veteran actor Frank Fontaine, who was selected to voice this bumbling character.

Line up:

From left to right Tommy Acock, Daryl Smith, Jimmy Beale, Ross Porter, Tony Lockyer, Martin Broome, Mike Philips, Bruce Keay, Rocky, Rob Aplin and Pete Thompson

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