Sunday, 10 February 2008

Soldier returns from leave a woman

An army officer called went on holiday leave - and came back as a woman called Jasmin.

Aparantly this is quite common for people taking leave or leaving HM Forces and can be blamed on stress of the war in places like Iraq and Afganistan

The 26-year-old captain took three months leave after complaining of stress, and had a sex change operation before returning to barracks.

Other officers and soldiers were reportedly shocked when Jasmin, whose full name has not been revealed by the army, came back.

But senior army staff have decided Jasmin can keep her old job and will not be demoted.

Defence Ministry officials have also accepted the decision by Jasmin, to have a sex change.

A press spokesperson for the MOD, said: "We accept this very personal decision."

A soldier at the barracks told the media: "Everybody has a weird feeling about it: a colleague leaving the building as a man and returning as a woman after his holiday is more than a bit strange. We will have to wait and see if this leads to problems."

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