Monday, 23 July 2007

New 3rd Team Captain

At last weeks AGM Rob Aplin was officially confirmed as 3rd team captain for next season with Mike Phillips his vice captain (Both shown above). Rob's experience includes captaining the coin operated boats at Bude Caravan Park.

It is also believed that Mike Phillips ancestors captained the Spanish Armada and the Titanic. Mike claims to know the difference between an iceberg in the sea and a Rock on a rugby field - The iceberg moves faster !

Former 3rd team captain Peter Thompson who went to watch the Titanic leave port in 1912 but missed it because he had to be home by 7.30pm welcomed the news of Rob and Mike's appointment.

Hard working school teacher Thomo (His words not mine!) wished Rob and Mike his best wishes for the forthcoming season and then went on about how much teachers deserve their long school holidays.

What about all those INSET days as well, more like " In The Pub days "

Wivey secret superhero Bananaman speaking on behalf of the Wivey 3rds fan club commented " Credit to Rob and Mike but they are no Ivor Biggun."

"Like Bananaman, Ivor has great superpowers and he has the ‘equipment' of an elephant unike Mike an Rob - yeah, I looked in the showers once - but you should really ask Catwoman if you want the down and dirté on that aspect of his superpower. I'll say no more…"

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Anonymous said...

Well if Rob Aplin and Mike Phillips can get seleceted as captain why not him !

Blind boy leads rugby team

Schoolboy Sam Wishart has become captain of his local rugby team despite being nearly blind.

The 11-year-old has a rare condition which means he has to wear very dark, tinted lenses, reports the Daily Mirror.

He cannot make out colours and struggles to see in bright light.

But it has not stopped him being made skipper of the under-11 rugby team in Frome, Somerset.

Sam of Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts, said: "I like the contact and getting stuck in. Sometimes I drop the ball and it can be hard seeing my team-mates, but I've scored quite a lot of tries.

"And it was great when my team-mates voted for me to be captain because I'd only just joined."

Dad Andy, 45, said: "We're very proud of him."