Friday, 30 November 2007

Wiveliscombe could be facing gypsy site scenario

FEARS that Wiveliscombe could be facing a "North Curry scenario" with an influx of Romany gypsies in Kingsmead Close are unfounded, according to the landowner.

Several residents contacted the Wivey 3rds website when a big black truck and a smaller caravan were put up on the site at the weekend without planning permission.

The owner of the land, who wishes to remain anon-ymous, said: "This is not a North Curry site - it's just one family.

"Everyone's saying it's a bigger gypsy site. We're not gypsies, but an ordinary family housing ourselves."

Rumour suggest that there are already 6 Romanian migrant workers, 2 asylum seekers and a Portsmouth supporter living in his garage and extension.

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